Toolbox for Therapists

Remember when we relied on textbooks and the librarian for new research? It was not that long ago yet gone are those days! We now have easy access to journal publications and an astronomical amount of information via multiple blogs and websites. How does it all fit within our practice? How can we stay on top of the literature AND critically appraise it all? Thankfully, there are some great tools available to us, if we know where to find them.

Here I will share links to blogs, free articles and websites I have found helpful. If you have a favorite sites you have enjoyed over the years, please do not hesitate to share by sending me an email!

Blogs to check out

Mike Reinold:
An award winning blog by an accomplished researcher, writer and therapist focused on sport rehabilitation, manual therapy and exercise prescription.

The Manual Therapist:
How to incorporate an eclectic approach to manual therapy and exercise prescription.

In Touch PT:
An award winning manual therapy and orthopedics blog with a focus on evidenced-informed practice and growth for our field practice.

Allan Besselink:
A Canadian PT's (living in the States) opinions on health, fitness, training, and health care but also a humoristic blog on other subjects like politics and music.

Forward Thinking PT:
Incorporating critical thinking into our PT practice to help improve evidence-informed delivery of care.

PT Think Tank:
A critical observations about health, science, and the world of physical therapy.

The CPA's blog built to learn more about what’s going on in our profession and have candid discussions about a wide variety of issues.

Un site francophone portant sur les enjeux de la physiothérapie au Canada incluant plusieurs liens vers des articles intéressants pour les thérapeutes et nos patients.

Western University - MClSc class of 2014

Western University - MClSc class of 2014