Toolbox for Patients

I strongly believe in providing thorough education to my patients regarding the "why and how" of their injury, basics of anatomy and how to prevent injuries from reoccurring. Empowering them with an understanding of their condition will help patients manage their injury and put them in charge of their rehabilitation.

Visit often to access up to date resources on injury prevention, concussion awareness, relaxation and much more. Have a favorite link you would like to share? Do not hesitate to email me to have it added to the toolbox.

Injury prevention

Parachute is a charitable organization helping Canadians stop the clock on predictable and preventable injuries.

FIFA 11+:
The "FIFA 11+" is a complete warm-up program to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older.


Pain education

Here are a few quick YouTube videos to help you understand pain. Have more questions? Ask me during our next treatment session!

Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it!

How does your brain respond to pain?

Lorimer Moseley's Why Things Hurt


Concussion education

Canadian Concussion Education Tools: @
Canada's ThinkFirst program has teamed up with Parachute Canada to offer awareness, education and up-to-date tools on everything concussion related.

Concussion Awareness Training Tool:
Provides up-to-date concussion education for parents and coaches. It includes video lessons and resources to effectively prevent, recognize and manage a players recovery.

Heads Up:
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has created free tools for youth and high school sport coaches, parents, athletes and health care professionals that provide important information on preventing, recognizing and responding to a concussion.

Visual and vestibular exercises

Vision Exercises:

Eye Can Learn

mindfulness & Meditation

Online Relaxation Exercises
Relaxation Downloads

Online yoga channel:

Yoga with Adrienne

Mobile Apps for meditation:

Insight Timer (Google Play, iTunes App Store)